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Wedding venues

Boccaccio hall

The real pride of our Prague hotel is the beautiful hall Boccaccio in Neo-Baroque architectural style. In the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic the hall served as a luxury cabaret for the Prague´s cream of society. If you want to impress your guests and have an event to remember, organize your wedding ceremony or wedding reception in this fantastic hall.


Boccaccio hall - history



Other wedding venues

In addition to the splendid First Republic Boccaccio ballroom, the five stars Grand Hotel Bohemia offers several other options for your wedding:

Franz Josef Restaurant and Bohemia lounge

Our Bohemia lounge is suitable for smaller wedding receptions for up to 20 people. The sliding wall that separates it from the hotel restaurant provides necessary privacy, or it can connect the lounge with the restaurant for celebrations with more guests.


The Prague Grand Hotel Bohemia has a terrace with a magnificent panoramic view of the Old Town. Not only is the terrace suitable for taking pictures of the newly-weds; you can hold the wedding ceremony itself or a reception for a smaller number of guests here on a fine day.

Do not hesitate to contact our F&B manager Jirka Froněk with your inquiries to wedding ceremonies at any time.






Jiří Froněk, F&B Manager, Grand Hotel Bohemia

Phone: +420 234 608 809

Fax: +420 234 608 877


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